Excellent compatibility with motorcycles from manufacturers around the world
High-quality batteries with outstanding cost-performance ratio

Pro Select BatteryLineup

Pro Select batteries have conquered the Japanese market by providing high quality and excellent value for money
All products are warranted for 365 days.

Nano Gel Battery series

Advanced gel type battery harnessing latest nanotechnology. Top-of-the-line product uses AGM construction.
  • Gel type battery can be placed on its side without problem
  • Nano-gel technology and AGM construction ensure excellent charge/discharge performance and long service life
  • Pre-filled and charged -- Ready to use out of the box
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ECO Lithium Battery series

Amazingly long service life and light weight.
  • Excellent energy efficiency and ultra-long life
  • Compact dimensions and light weight for improved driving performance
  • LifeP04 ensures dependable safety
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Standard Battery series

Combining high quality and great value for money
  • Standard Battery series also uses AGM construction and comes pre-filled and charged
  • Separate liquid type available for long shelf life
  • Broad lineup to fit any motorcycle models
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AGM Battery for Harley series

Tough spec version for Harley Davidson bikes, designed to handle Big Twin vibrations.
  • Reinforced AGM construction easily withstands even large vibrations from the Big Twin engine
  • Heavy duty terminals designed specifically for Harley Davidsons
  • High wattage capability improves starting performance
for Motorcycle

Battery Chargers

Dependable and easy to use charger keeps batteries in optimum condition.
  • Auto maintenance charging function
  • Versatile lineup to suit various requirements
  • Ring terminals supplied

Jump Starters

Easily portable unit is handy in case of an empty battery and can also be used to charge mobile devices.
  • Protection circuit ensures safe use
  • USB port for charging smartphones
  • LED flashlight with three intensity settings for emergencies

Recommended for people –

  • who find "famous brand" batteries
    too expensive

  • who want to use high-quality batteries made in Japan

  • who are looking for dependable batteries at a reasonable cost

  • who prefer easy
    to handle batteries


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