We CustomJapan "Vehicle Lovers Company" in the concept and business mainly on aftermarket parts sale for all over Japan

Our main business is BtoB aftermarket parts mail order business. Our customers are motorcycle dealers, bicycle shop, four wheel maintenance shop and gas station in tens of thousands of stores in the whole country.As a print medium, we have published a comprehensive mail order catalog of more than thousand pages. Also we have individual product brochures for each category.In addition, as a web medium, we have a members only website which offers members a fast and convenient way to do business. Members can see online catalog, check stock, see pricing, place orders, products search and much more. The Number of members of the site is approximately 70,000 shops. Reached more than 90% motorcycle dealers in Japan have become a member of our site.The number of products (SKU-based) on the online catalog is more than 200,000 and the items we carry are mainly on a national brand and an original brand.Our customers are not only motorcycle dealers and bicycle shops and four wheel maintenance shops but also we contract the part supplier of postal administration vehicles and use the original brand of our company.
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We are also involved in many of original product development and will give advantage of your cost of purchase by which to achieve an attractive pricing for our valued members.Custom Japan is still young with nine years. But we already have the largest market share in the B to B aftermarket parts business of mail order sales of motorcycles and bicycles industry in Japan. Also, we put the Asian market in the field of vision and aim at the top company in the B to B aftermarket parts mail order business specialized in the motorcycle industry and the maintenance tools from now on.

Custom Japan
5 Especial Features

1The largest printed catalog and web catalog in the industry

We emphasize not only a print medium but also dealer web site which only our authorized dealer can log in. In addition, we improved the product search system on our web catalog and we have added new functions. The narrowing of search results functions to make it easy to look for an objective and specific products. The change function of the indication design to facilitate a product comparison. According to the increase in the number of products, we have been made to improve the operation and the search system on our web catalog.

2The new original part search system

While aiming at improvement in a customers' convenience and for the purpose of realizing more effective logistics, an open type motorcycle parts search system is imported for the first time in the industry.We add new function "the tire search feature" covering to almost all domestic cars. Finally our original part search system became more friendly and easier to use. On the other hand, we imported an exclusive system about the car parts search. A system that you can find correct parts fitment information from customer's vehicle's model specification number of inspection information, type the partition number, model number, genuine parts and superior part number.

3The call center organization

We have maintained the call center system by the telephone operators. Not only on the web and order by FAX, we are accepting telephone orders and requests from customers on weekdays. Imported CTI system to integrate phone and computer, we have to realize accurate customer support. There is also a system that is connected online with the manufacturer, you can quickly find out the information for various parts.

4Strict quality control by the technical staff

In order to deliver products with safety and satisfaction to our valued customers, we are committed to a thorough product management by the professional technical staff. Our R&D staff goes to an overseas factory directly and they ship it with thorough process control and inspect it.

5Fulfillment center that can be shipped same day。

Our fulfillment center is the industry's greatest scale. Warehouse of the container yard which a three 40 feet of containers can store and about 3,000 square meters of total floors. Integrated management of approximately 100,000 or more products have realized the logistics can be shipped same day.

Product Type



    • 3M
    • 72JAM
    • ABUS
    • ACDelco
    • ACERBIS(アチェルビス)
    • AFAM(アファム)
    • AIBI(アイビ産業)
    • alpinestars(アルパインスターズ)
    • Arai
    • AVON(エイボン)
    • AZ バッテリー
    • BIKERS(バイカーズ)
    • BOSCH
    • BRIDGESTONE(ブリヂストン)
    • BUCO
    • Buggy
    • COLUMBUS(コロンブス)
    • CONTINENTAL(コンチネンタル)
    • クリスタルガード
    • CST(チェンシン)
    • DAMMTRAX (ダムトラックス)
    • DELTA(デルタ)
    • DENSO(デンソー)
    • DEVICE
    • DID(大同工業)
    • DOPPELGANGER(ドッペルギャンガー)
    • DUNLOP(ダンロップ)
    • DURO(デューロ)
    • EASYRIDERS(イージーライダース)
    • EKチェーン
    • ELECOM(エレコム)
    • elf
    • GIVI
    • GSユアサ
    • Holts(武蔵ホルト)
    • HONDA(ホンダ)
    • HOZAN(ホーザン)
    • INNOVA(イノーバ)
    • iRC(アイアールシー)
    • IXIL(イクシル)
    • JTEKT
    • KAWASAKI(カワサキ)
    • KENDA(ケンダ)
    • KMC
    • KNIPEX(クニペックス)
    • KOITO
    • KOSO
    • KTC
    • KURE
    • LAVEN
    • Logitec
    • lovell
    • M&H
    • MICHELIN(ミシュラン)
    • MIRAX
    • MKカシヤマ
    • MOTOWN
    • NAKARAI(ナカライ)
    • NGK
    • NTB
    • OGK
    • Optimum
    • Panaracer
    • PAOCK
    • ParkTool
    • PFP
    • Philips
    • PIAA
    • POSH
    • ProTOOLs
    • RACETECH(レーステック)
    • RENTHAL(レンサル)
    • RFY
    • RK(アールケー・エキセル)
    • RYOBI(リョービ)
    • SCOYCO
    • SHAD(シャッド)
    • SHINKO(シンコー)
    • SHOEI
    • SIGNET(シグネット)
    • SIMPSON(シンプソン)
    • SK11
    • SUNSTAR(サンスター)
    • SUPER B
    • SurLuster(シュアラスター)
    • SUZUKI(スズキ)
    • TANAX(タナックス)
    • ThreeBond
    • TIMSUN (ティムソン)
    • TIPTOP(チップトップ)
    • TONE
    • TOP ONE
    • TORCH
    • TORUNA
    • TRUSCO
    • UNIBEAR(ユニベアー)
    • VeeRubber(ヴィーラバー)
    • Verity
    • Vesrah(べスラ)
    • V-TWIN
    • WINS(ウィンズ)
    • XAM JAPAN (ザムジャパン)
    • X-EUROPE(クロスヨーロッパ)
    • YAMAHA(ヤマハ)
    • アイリスオーヤマ
    • エーゼット
    • エーモン工業
    • エール
    • エステー化学
    • エンジニア
    • オキツモ
    • カストロール
    • キジマ
    • キタコ
    • キャッスル
    • ケンレーン
    • コスモビューティー
    • ジェイテック
    • シマノ
    • スーパーバリュー
    • スタンレー
    • セメダイン
    • ソフト99
    • タイホーコーザイ
    • タクティー(トヨタ)
    • デイトナ
    • テックメイト
    • テラモト
    • ドリームサポート
    • ニチモリ
    • ノガ・ジャパン
    • パーフェクト商事
    • ハリケーン
    • フォーカス
    • プロセレクト
    • ペンギン
    • ボンスター
    • マキタ
    • マツダ
    • マルシン
    • マルニ
    • ミズノチェン
    • ミタニ
    • モトボワットBB
    • ユニオン
    • ヨシムラ
    • リード工業
    • リコイル
    • ロックペイント
    • 旭風防
    • 花王
    • 共和
    • 古河電池
    • 五輪工業
    • 信越シリコーン
    • 新潟精機
    • 大橋産業(BAL)
    • 大自工業/メルテック(Meltec)
    • 大塚刷毛製造
    • 日本グリース
    • 扶桑精器
    • 武川
    • 片山チェン(KANA)
    • 柳瀬
    • 立花

Overseas Brand
Authorized distributor

  • グローバルクオリティタイヤ

  • バイク用トップケースブランド

  • 整備工具ブランド

  • 高品質自転車タイヤ

  • パーツディストリビューター

  • ハーレーカスタムパーツブランド

  • 自転車専用工具

  • 台湾カスタムメーカー

  • カスタムマフラーブランド

  • バイク用プラグ

  • バイク用チェーン

  • 自転車用ポンプ

  • カーケア用品

Original Brand


  • ProTOOLs

  • moto boite BB

  • Optimum Selection


  • PFP



  • Re:code

  • ROLZ

Company Profile

Company Name
Custom Japan Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Address
〒542-0073 6F Nippombashi Center Bldg.,2-9-16Nippombashi,Chuo-ku
Distribution Center
First Distribution Center
〒 577-0814 9-5 Minamikamikosaka Higashiosaka Osaka Japan
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Registered Date
August 2005History
10 million yen
(Motoki Murai)  
Business Description
Taking the focus on house brand products, Custom Japan exploits the Japanese market. Also we expand import and export works and penetrate the world market.
Business Partners(Japan)
Large international companies, including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki
Main Clients(Japan)
・Motorcycle dealers of Japan
・Motorcycle supply stores of Japan
・Motorcycle part wholesale dealers of Japan
・Maintenance shops for post office vehicles of Japan